KiTAP: The Next-Gen Intelligent Test Automation Platform

The digital era needs a new test automation value stream. The end-to-end automated tests need to run with zero human intervention to deliver the promise of speed and quality that agile paradigms like DevOps demand.

Organizations increasingly face the challenge of choosing an automation platform that meets their current and future needs. Complete control over your automation tools and technologies can liberate you from the pitfalls of tool vendor lock-in and lack of portability of the automation scripts.

Businesses looking for an AI-powered codeless test automation platform now have a one-stop solution in KiTAP (Kairos Intelligent Test Automation Platform), a product of our Innovation Center of Excellence, K-Labs!

Kairos KiTAP is the perfect solution for organizations looking to take advantage of Automated Testing to reduce risk and shift left with their DevTestOps strategy. KiTAP offers automated testing for various domains, such as regression, QA, web application, mobile application, salesforce, and API. With Kairos intelligent test automation Platform KiTAP, you can make your software testing more efficient and effective.

With KiTAP, you own the source code enabling complete control of the test automation scripts and the underlying intelligent platform. With Kairos KiTAP, we offer automated regression testing, QA testing, web application testing, mobile application testing, salesforce testing, and API testing.

Create extensions to fulfil your specific requirements and retain ownership of the intellectual property rights. There is no vendor lock-in and scripts can work with other open-source test automation frameworks such as Selenium.

Our goal is to make stress-free release days a “new normal”. Kairos intelligent test automation tool, KiTAP ensures that your automation path is efficient, predictable, and profitable.

Harness the power of Automated Testing with Kairos KiTAP

Your test automation approach should deliver value with ease and speed to facilitate the successful execution of your Digital Transformation initiatives.

Intelligent test automation tool that leverages AI and Machine Learning can elevate agile and DevOps practices to DevTestOps.


Kairos KiTAP is a next-generation Digital Quality Engineering platform that empowers you to automate more quickly, resulting in improved overall agility and high quality for your application development release cycles.

With Kairos product, KiTAP, you get best-in-class codeless test automation with no lock-in and the freedom to change and evolve.

Own your AI-Powered Test Automation Platform

  • Deployment on your premise
  • Source code delivered
  • Automation at your fingertips

One Tool for End-to-End Test Automation

  • Salesforce Apps
  • Mobile, Web, Desktop
  • APIs
  • IoT enabled apps

Agile Execution Excellence with Ease of Automation

  • Manual QA Team can automate
  • No-code API testing
  • Data driven by design
  • Achieve in-sprint automation for agile teams

Customizable Automation Scripts and Frameworks

  • Easily customize to meet your unique needs
  • Customization leads to your own IP
  • Reliable AI/ML and test engineering support

Shift-Left and Reduce Risk with DevTestOps

  • Continuous testing with DevOps integration
  • CI/CD connectors for Jenkins and more
  • Use realistic synthetic test data with integrated K-TDM

Higher Quality with AI-Powered Test Bots

  • Lower costs with Self-Healing test automation tool
  • Detect UI layout defects with Computer Vision AI
  • Execute relevant tests with Intelligent Regression
Experience the Benefits
key features

Self-Healing in Test Automation Lowers Maintenance Costs

KiTAP from K-Labs is an innovative test automation tool that helps organizations reduce risk and automate testing processes. It is designed to enable DevTestOps, allowing teams to shift left and deliver their projects on time without compromising quality.

Get started today with K-Labs AI-powered test automation tool and experience the benefits of DevTestOps for yourself.

Take Control Of Your Test Automation with KiTAP Now