Data Quality Gateway

Data Quality Management is essential for any data-driven business. However, it can be both time-consuming and challenging to manage manually and it often requires specialized coding knowledge. DQGateway from K-Labs offers a no-code solution that helps simplify Data Quality Management by automating the process. DQGateway helps organizations ensure that their data is consistent and compliant with the highest quality standards. Configurable rule-based quality checks in DQGateway allow users to effortlessly validate their data’s conformance, completeness, and plausibility.

DQGateway from K-Labs is a convenient tool for data democratization and real-time analytics. It enables organizations to unlock their data silos and empower employees with access to high-quality data. Data insights are generated in real time, allowing decision-makers to make data-driven decisions.

With K-Labs no-code Data Quality Management solution, Data Analysts control their data operations and ensure data accuracy with ease. DQGateway also offers numerous connectors to various data sources. It provides automated dimensional quality checks, CI/CD pipeline integration and a graphical view of relationships between variables in a dataset.

Services from your trusted Digital Quality Engineering partner – Kairos, makes customizations and expansions to DQGateway, for your specific needs readily available.

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Simplify your Data Quality Analysis with DQGateway

DQGateway is the perfect solution for businesses that need to keeps tabs on their data quality. Empowered data analysts can quickly implement no-code quality checks and evaluations—without writing a single line of code. Data teams can use DQGateway to ensure their data’s accuracy, consistency, and completeness, in a fraction of the time.

With its easy-to-use interface, DQGateway helps business users easily navigate the complexities of data quality management. With advanced features like automated alerting and reporting, businesses can rest assured that their data is up-to-date and reliable. Empower your team to ensure the accuracy of your data with DQGateway. Start achieving better-quality data today!

  • 20+ intelligent connections
  • Databases, Cloud Storage, Files, APIs
  • Sample sizing
  • No Storing of data
  • Sensitive data masking
  • Sorting and filtering
Analyze & Infer
Analyze and Infer
  • Statistical analysis
  • Visualization
Data Quality Checks
  • No-code quality check rules
  • Scheduled execution
Reports and Scorecards
  • Quality check reports
  • Data source quality scores

Intelligent Data Connectors

No Code Connectivity

  • Databases
  • Cloud Stores
  • Files
  • APIs

Empowered Data Analysts

Visual Data Analysis

  • Multi-variate Correlations
  • Outliers, Unique, Null etc.
  • Mean, Mode, Median

Use No-Code Power

  • Single Click Quality Rules
  • Not-Null values
  • Exists in given sets
  • Matches data type
Experience the Benefits

DQGateway (Data Quality Gateway) is a flagship offering to our customers, engineered to ensure that your data is of high quality and moves seamlessly in your ecosystem. It automates the Quality Controls that are critical to the success of your enterprise data, a comprehensive and customizable solution. You can identify, investigate, and resolve any data quality issues in your data movement activities such as database migration, both offline and through real-time monitoring of your DataOps.

Empower your team to ensure the accuracy of your data with DQGateway. With DQGateway, organizations have the power to unlock valuable insights from their data in real time. Management of Data Quality and Data Democratization has never been easier!

Try out K-Labs DQGateway today and empower your Data Analysts and business users with no-code convenience.

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